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Responsible Tourism

Make Change at Siem Reaper

At Siem Reaper, we’re ensuring that we’re fulfilling the core values of our business. We operate in a responsible manner to protect our local culture and environment as well as youth development in our community. We’ve made a commitment to be a responsible business and live up to this promise every single day.

Benefit Locals

We are the local enterprise based in Siem Reap. We operate the tour through local people and businesses as our partners. Not only do we feel this gives you the best experience, it also brings benefits to our local communities. Local people are motivated to preserve what attracts visitors, be it culture, custom, tradition or handicraft.

Benefit Environment

We aim to contribute to the preservation of natural and built environments in the destinations we operate and to reduce the negative impacts our operations may have on the environment. We operate the ecological trip by bicycle in order to make your journey have a positive effect on the destination you’re visiting.

Youth Development

Today tourism is the world’s largest employer, this is essentially important to poor countries and is the main foreign exchange earning of developing the countries. The International travel company has continued to grow rapidly in Cambodia.
Siem Reaper is a responsible travel company founded by Cambodians who wanted to connect travellers and locals through carefully selected options that provide cultural and educational experiences. We value the local people who are employed by us and have done so in a responsible and sustainable manner that aims to benefit everyone involved.
At Siem Reaper, we are opening a Local Guide Training Center which is offering all young Cambodian to have the opportunity to be trained as the qualify tour guide at our company.

Responsible Traveler

There’s plenty you can do on your trip, from recycling, and local protecting as well as being culturally sensitive for the great, and not so great.

  • Take off your hat and shoes when entering a place of worship.
  • Do cover up: Cambodia is a conservative country, especially when you visit the worship places such as a pagoda and temple. We would like all of the travellers to wear clothing that covers shoulder and knees.
  • Respecting local religions, religious places and rituals.
  • Always ask first before photographing or videoing people.
  • Cultural sharing and learning opportunity for local people.
  • Avoiding the exploitation of the vulnerable – including women, children, animals, etc.
  • Benefit local community where you travel to if it’s possible.
  • Do not participate in any activities that harm people, animals or the environment.
  • Support locally service such transportation, tour guide, accommodation, restaurant, etc.
  • Shop from traditional artisans and for locally produced food and drink, helping keep traditional products alive.
  • Minimizing plastic waste and where possible to recycle
  • Careful management of limited energy and water resources
  • Keep Smiling: The traveller who wishes to have a happy and unforgettable trip should keep as calm, joyful and friendly as humanly possible.

Our Eco-Tours

angkor sunrise tour

Bike the Angkor Sunrise

Duration: 9 hours
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Leisure
(45 Reviews)
Angkor Sunset Tour

Angkor Bike & Boat at Twilight

Duration: 4.5 hours
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Easy
(3 Reviews)
countryside bike tour in siem reap

Bike the Siem Reap Countryside

Duration: 5 hours
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Easy
(126 Reviews)

Discover Angkor Bike Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Leisure
(26 Reviews)

Cycle the Floating Village & Sunset Cruise

Duration: 10 hours
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Moderate
(16 Reviews)

Countryside Sunset Ride

Duration: 4.5 hours
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Easy
(19 Reviews)
cambodia cycling tour

Angkor to Phnom Penh by Bicycle

Duration: 7 Days
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Moderate
(11 Reviews)
angkor cycling

Angkor Cycling Adventure

Duration: 5 Days
Trip Type: Cycling
Activity Level: Moderate
(11 Reviews)