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Food Adventure

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Local Hangout Spots in Siem Reap

Road 60 is a favourite local hang out spot for the Khmer people, located just 15-minute ride away from the tourist area of Pub street and just around the main road that takes you from the ticket center to Angkor Wat. If you want to avoid over your fellow tourists and experience the real local, then hanging out at Road 60 should be your choice.
Siem Reap food to go

Siem Reap Guided Food Tour

Siem Reap is a major tourist city in Cambodia famed as the Angkor City, and home to some of the most incredible local street food. Delicious, fresh and fast, there are endless options to choose from. For a food lover, this is the ultimate experience that features traditional Siem Reap food at the local markets and street-food stands. At Siem Reaper, we provide the opportunity to taste the authentic, regional dishes at local places. Here are our top dishes that you need to try.