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Road 60 is a favourite local hang out spot for the Khmer people, located just 15-minute ride away from the tourist area of Pub street and just around the main road that takes you from the ticket center to Angkor Wat. If you want to avoid over your fellow tourists and experience the real local, then hanging out at Road 60 should be your choice.

This Road is a very chill place to spend time with friends, have a go on some rides and then do a spot of second-hand shopping. From about 4 pm the side of the road starts to fill with all kinds of shops, clothes, shoes, toys, household needs, and most importantly FOOD!

This is also where to enjoy the famous Khmer BBQ style for as little as $1.5 each. Alongside of the road, you can find mats for hire, or stalls with cushions and fans, where you can all gather around, a little gas-lit, camping stove and a cooking plate on top that looks like a large metal version of an old-style Juicer, the high up pointy bit for you to cook the meat on and the moat filled with the boiled garlic soup with pork bones for flavour. The shop owner will deliver upon a flat dish many different kinds of meats and vegetables, they also give you plates with some butter to melt and a large chunk of fat to sit on the tip to keep it oiled. After you turn on the burner and fill the moat with soup you can begin your BBQ experience. This is the fun part, you will put the meat on the hot plate out of the moat and fill the moat with vegetables and seafood, then eat when cooked.

As a side dish, they bring out the animal spare parts: the liver, stomach, kidneys and they give you a special peanut sauce to dip them. Don’t mind to eat, try what put in front of you, plus the taste is amazing. Moreover, They will also bring over a basket of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. So you can all enjoy this local experience together.

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After you finish your BBQ and had your fill of drinks you can walk up and down the roads, which you will share with cars and motorbikes, so ensure to stick close to the edge for your safety. This spot has hundreds of meters worth of shops that you can look at on both sides of the road, from clothing and bags to balloons and bug stalls.

This nightlife spot is considered a nice place to eat, relax and see the real locals of Siem Reap as well as to get to know more about Khmer hospitality. You can chill and walk around for as long as you want before you head back with your guide into the inner city. It is a good time, well spent with good people and beautiful culture.

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