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Christmas is just around the corner, followed swiftly by 2018! It has been an eventful year for Siem Reaper, which was only founded in the summer. Since then, we have shared many memories with travellers from various places, grown our team, promoted responsible tourism, participated in local events and much more. One highlight was when our team members, Borith and Vathana participated in the Angkor Wat Bike4kids and the Angkor marathon, supporting local charity events.

Cambodia is a predominantly Buddhist country, which does not celebrate Christmas. Nevertheless, Christmas decorations and lights can be spotted around, attracting attention for photo opportunities. Similarly, whilst International New Year is recognised, Khmer New Year takes place, in the hot month of April, which is celebrated over a few days.

To celebrate Christmas, we are offering 20% off any of our packages.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the Siem Reaper team!

Offer ends 07th January 2018!


  • All tour prices are in USD.
  • This Offer ends on 07th January 2018
  • To get this offer, please apply this coupon code: SRT-CHC-015 at the tour checkout page or make an enquiry via this email:
  • Siem Reaper reserves the right to change inclusions or withdraw this offer at any time
  • Siem Reaper’s standard Booking Conditions
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