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Siem Reaper Travel is one of the leading tour operators in Cambodia. The Siem Reaper story began with the idea to design the trip that immersive local experiences and adventure tours in small groups of a maximum of twelve participants, which enable traveler to gain an unforgettable and insightful experience to the most beautiful regions of Asia. 

SIEM REAPER was created, named “Siem Reap Insider”. The choice of name reflects the travel enthusiasm of the founder – who are also managing directors and passionate about exploring the region and have experienced as a tour guide but also have a pronounced soft spot for foreign cultures and adventure destinations. His conviction: Anyone who gets involved in the active journey that characterizes the Siem Reaper’s trips encounters the country and its people in a much more conscious and intensive way – an aspect that is still deeply rooted in the corporate philosophy.


We are a team
of Local Experts.

We at Siem Reaper have years of experience in making local activities accessible to travellers by providing unique trips tailored to the individual. We understand the challenges and aim to bridge the gap between locals and travellers and facilitate participation in local activities. We want travellers to gain an unforgettable and insightful experience – that is why we value the needs of the individual and do what we can to achieve this.

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Adventure Travel.

Siem Reaper has a wide selection of activities that have been carefully selected to provide the best cultural and educational experiences whilst serving the locals. You have the power to choose a trip that matches your interests, to engage in activities that are safe and interact with the local way of life. These trips are designed to inspire cultural exchanges and equip you with insight into the real Cambodia. All the while, you can be confident that your tour is being run responsibly and with sustainable tourism in mind.

Our Local Specialist.

We are with you every step of the way through our experienced local experts. Our guides know their stuff as they are locals who want to share the beauties of Cambodia. Our activities evolve around providing expert and unique trips based on a sustainable model. These trips involve interacting on a local level thus, aiming to give something back to the people by supporting their livelihoods. Our objective is to develop the tourism sector by taking caution of our environmental and community impact and to share these ideas and experiences with travellers.

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